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These are The Rules. Please read and follow them CAREFULLY

1. No exploiting bugs to give yourself an unfair advantage.

2. No griefing or block spamming.

3. No inducing excessive lag.

4. No spam. 5. Don't encourage suicide.

6. No Death or DDoS Threats.

7. No posting personal information.

8. No offensive/inappropriate constructions or skins.

9. No impersonating other players, particularly staff.

10. No advertising.

11. Don't ask staff members for free stuff.

12. If banned, no evading the ban - Contact Administration Staff (Owners, Managers, Co-Owners, Admins, Mods) for appealing about the ban.

13. A minimum of 2 weeks will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers.

14. Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned for the same amount of time as the original banned account.

15. Admins reserve the right to add additional time depending on the circumstances.

16. Only appealed bans will be lifted.

17. No Alts are allowed.

18. No staff/player disrespect.

19. Have fun.

20. No Forgery.

Note: If you need any help please contact a staff member. Staff should follow these rules, if you see any staff abusing/not following these rules, please contact another/higher staff member.

about 1 month ago

Welcome to our new website!

Today we are proud to announce the opening of

our brand new website!

You will be able to chat on our forums, access

the donation store or even vote links.

If you have any suggestions/questions/feedback

to make don't hestitate to comment in our forums 

or on our discord.



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